About Me

Hello, my name is Tamaric Hyppolite.I'm from Brooklyn, New York and I attend City Tech. I am a communication design major, I like to play sports, and make music with my friends.

  • Adobe Programs
    Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
  • Photography/film
    Worked in multiple film shoots
  • 2019 - Current
    Communication Design
  • Working on
    BFA from City Tech



Tamaric Hyppolite Resume.

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My Work

Art Club Poster

Poster created for an art club featuring Salvador Dali.


This is a photo I took that I then photoshopped and gave a glitched tyoe of effect.

Childish Gambino Album

This is a album cover I created for this artist for fun.

Band Poster

Poster I created for my friends band.

Dark Phoenix

A photo i took of my teacher and photoshopped to look like shes on fire.


a project to honor oprah for womens history month

Maine Coon Cat

A cat drawing for my art class.


Created this with many different tools used in photoshop.


A poster ad I created for a TV show idea.

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